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[picture removed for mobile view] After a person decides to make pizza at home, he quickly discovers that there's just no substitute for pizza baked in a high temperature brick or stone oven. The crust just cannot compare. Ok. So you go out and buy a pizza stone and crank up the oven to its maximum setting to preheat the stone.

After preparing the pizza, you soon realize that sliding the sticky pizza dough on the fire hot stone is no simple task. It's much harder than at the pizzerias where they slide the pizza into a shoulder high oven with a long pizza peel.

After trying with surgical precision to place it on the stone, a mushroom slips and then another and soon your pizza masterpiece is half on the floor and half in the oven.

In order to circumvent this problem, some people bake the pizza on a cookie sheet for a few minutes on the stone, then open the oven and slide the much firmer pizza off the sheet and directly on the stone.

But there's an interesting gadget that was invented called the "super peel" which acts like a conveyor belt. The Super Peel has a built in conveyor belt that allows you to lift the delicate sticky dough off any surface and onto the board for easy transport.

Here's a short video of the Super Peel which is worth a thousand of words:

To summarize, this is definitely a cool tool that prevents needless baking and pizza disasters.

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