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Making the best pizza sauce is far easier than making the best pizza dough.

Itís just a matter of finding a pizza sauce recipe that you like.

The choice of pizza sauce can have a great bearing on the taste of the pizza. This is especially true if you use a strong pizza sauce with heavy taste. You can think of the pizza dough as the boat and the pizza sauce as the sail.

The best part of making homemade pizzas is that you have control over the ingredients. Pizzeria pizza is usually focused on making the best tasting pizza at the cheapest cost and so the lowest priority is to use healthy ingredients.

For the health conscious the best pizza sauce recipe is to use low fat tomato sauce, olive oil, and spices. The vegetable oil, butter, or cream sauces should be avoided.

You can use pizza sauce out of a can, or you can start with fresh tomatoes and make it from scratch.

Most people do something in the middle. You can start with any canned tomato product. Just add water and spices, and boil down to the right consistency.

If you like your pizza sauce sweet, add sugar. Some of the herbs most commonly added to pizza sauce are oregano, basil, sage, thyme, chili powder and cumin- as well as some kind of onion flavoring, salt and pepper.

Cooked vs. Uncooked Pizza Sauce

Whether to use a cooked vs uncooked pizza sauce is a matter of personal preference. Some uncooked pizza sauce zealot claim that pre-cooking the pizza sauce results in a twice cooked sauce that's far too "dark" tasting and ends up like marinara. While the cooked sauce pizza fans claim the uncooked pizza sauce can be too wet and taste bland, while cooking the sauce intensifies and adds depth of flavor. Most pizzerias use cooked sauce. Olive oil-based "white pizza" sauces are usually not cooked.

I personally tend to vote for the cooked pizza sauce.

In Naples, Italy, they use uncooked tomatoes.but the ovens are a thousand degrees. Making a homemade pizza from a kitchen, whose oven goes to 550 degrees or less, the tomatoes will not cook enough, or the cheese will not melt just right, you have to cook the sauce at least twenty minutes beforehand for best taste.

Some tips for making pizza sauce:

The sauce should not be too thick, since it will thicken in the oven. You do not need alot of sauce, and you do not need red sauce. Pesto, white or brown sauce, and cheese without sauce are viable options. The well known and very tasty Popeye Pizza is just cheese and spinach.

The sauce should be a little thinner in the middle than anywhere else.

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