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Chicago Pan Pizza Recipe stats
Servings:see directions
Prep.Time:30 Minutes
Cook Time:20 Minutes


Preheated oven to 475. Mix the above ingredients for 10 minutes in a strong mixer or knead by hand. Now add 2 1/2 cups of flour. Mix for 15 minutes in a strong mixer with a dough hook or by hand. Now the dough must rise. The dough should be in a large bowl in a warm place, covered with a dish towel.

If it is not warm in the kitchen, turn the oven on to the lowest setting, (no more than 100) and let the dough rise in the bowl in the oven, covered by the towel. Let rise for the first time (about an hour) and punch down the dough. Let rise again, punch down and use.

Push the dough out flat with your fingers, in a high-sided pizza pan or in a large black iron skillet.

Cover with mozzarella cheese. Cover with tomato sauce with Italian herbs and spices added. Cover with chopped garlic, green peppers, sliced pepperoni, Italian sweet sausage, sliced mushrooms, chopped onions or whatever to taste. Sprinkle with grated Romano or Parmesan cheese. Cook in a oven at 475 until done, about 15 to 20 minutes depending on toppings and thickness of crust and how crispy you want it cooked.

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