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You canít go wrong with the toppings. Just follow the pizza recipe and use high quality toppings.

One thing noteworthy is to observe the order of pizza. The dough is first, followed by the sauce, and then the cheese. The cheese and sauce forms a natural barrier to allow the dough to cook smoothly and also to hold the toppings at the top of the pizza where they cook better.

Mozzarella is the main type of cheese that is used on most pizzas. There are many different kinds of Mozzarella. Try to find a store that carries whole milk mozzarella. This is a nice creamy flavored mozzarella. It makes an excellent pizza. The other more common types of mozzarella that you find in most grocery stores are low fat and pasteurized mozzarella. These work too.

Buffalo mozzarella is another great mozzarella to use in pizzas but it is hard to find. Yes, it is made from Buffalo milk and is one of the best cheeses that I have tasted.

Here's an award winning blend of cheeses by

1. Whole milk mozzarella
2. Romano cheese
3. Provolone cheese
4. Asiago cheese
5. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Mix a blend of these 5 cheeses; 60% mozzarella and 10% each of the other 4 cheeses.

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